SDP Mobile Base

SDP Mobile Base

SDP Mobile Base
Slamtec | A-000000-02731
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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for locating, mapping and navigating your mobile robot? Slamtec has thought of everything with the SDP mobile base: hardware, software, connectivity, it’s all there!

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Slamtec SDP mobile base: a comprehensive navigation platform

To turn your mobile robot into an autonomous platform, you’ll need built-in features as accurate as possible. Slamtec provides a complete mobile base including a processor, a breakout board and an ultra-efficient LIDAR laser sensor.

It performs many operations like modelling the robot’s environment, detecting obstacles, locating the mobile base on a map and, of course, navigating the robot.

The mobile robotic base from Slamtec has everything you’ll need to explore the roughest terrain: a hardware base, obviously, but also access to a comprehensive SDK including the RoboPlus software and an API that is advanced enough to tackle challenging robotic applications.

Additional advantage of your mobile base: a WiFi interface for controlling your robot from a distance. You can even connect to your own domestic network!

A Slamtec SDP base to make your robot autonomous

In concrete terms, the SDP mobile base from Slamtec allows your robot to reach its assigned destination automatically, by moving in a map built using the information gathered by the 2D LIDAR scanner. Your robot will skilfully avoid obstacles and be able to follow its own path, depending on the programme.

This mobile base is most appropriate if you are working on vacuum robot projects, and can prove a very useful ally for researchers, designers and teachers.

Technical specifications of the Slamtec SDP base

The SDP mobile base features:

  • Simultaneous location and mapping functions (resolution: up to 5 cm);
  • A high resolution and frequency LIDAR sensor;
  • A map that is refreshed every 200 ms;
  • A routine planning algorithm;
  • A transparent obstacle detection function;
  • A colour touch screen to set up the robot and check its status;
  • A 802.11n WiFi connection in AP and Station modes.

Resources for the SDP base

The following resources will help you get quickly started with your SDP mobile base:

Data sheet
Max. speed
6-10 km/h
0-5 kg
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