Starter Kit for Rover Zero and Rover Pro

Starter Kit for Rover Zero and Rover Pro

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If you’ve already received your Rover Zero or Rover Pro, or are planning to order one, you’ll probably need this custom-made starter kit by Rover Robotics.

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Starter Kit for Rover Zero and Rover Pro: everything you need to connect and configure

The 2 and 4-wheel drive Rover Zero and Rover Pro designed by Rover Robotics come with all the basic components: chassis, battery, wheels, motors and controller.

But Rover Robotics has also created a starter kit for both its rovers to help you program your vehicle and make the most of all its ROS possibilities. The kit contains:

  • All the hardware and cables needed to connect your rover to its programming board
  • An Xbox controller for remote control
  • A programming board, chosen from among 4 high-quality models

NVIDIA Jetson, Intel or ADLINK: the right programming board for your rover’s needs

There are 4 programming boards to choose from, to ensure your rover moves the way you want it to. Each model is delivered fully configured with its ROS.

So which board should you choose: the ADLINK, Intel NUC or NVIDIA Xavier? It all depends on your project:

  • The NVIDIA Xavier NX and AGX boards are designed specifically for artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions
  • Intel NUC is a board more geared to designers looking for a permanently stable system
  • ADLINK is an intermediate solution

Technical specifications of the Rover Robotics starter kit


  • 1 programming board with pre-installed ROS
  • 1 interface board
  • Communication and power cables
  • 4 mounting screws
  • 1 mounting plate
  • 1 Xbox controller
  • Choice of 4 programming boards (fully configured):
  • ADLINK Vizi-AI
  • Intel NUC10i5
  • NVIDIA Xavier NX
  • NVIDIA Xavier AGX
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