Vacuum Pump for the Niryo Ned 6-Axis Robot Arm

Niryo | A-000000-04850

Grab, grip, lift... and why not by suction? This vacuum pump for the Niryo Ned 6-axis robot arm offers an interesting alternative to robotic grippers.

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Size Chart

Why place a vacuum pump at the end of Ned’s robot arm?

The Niryo Ned educational robot arm offers different possibilities in terms of tools. With its EasyConnect system, you can quickly replace your standard gripper with other different types of claw... and even a vacuum pump.

It’s a system that’s designed for moving objects with a large flat, non-porous surface, as well as other items such as a can of soda. It’s particularly good for pick and place operations consisting of lifting and moving objects. The system also allows you to remove a plastic lid from a box.

Silence is golden

Most vacuum pumps used in robotics are quite noisy. It’s their main disadvantage. But Niryo has developed a different kind of vacuum pump, capable of working in silence!

Its integrated servo operates a syringe that sucks air (discreetly) into the pump, so that it sticks to the object.

Technical specifications of the Ned 6-axis robot arm vacuum pump

  • Integrated Dynamixel XL320 servo motor
  • Weight (on the end effector tool): 10 g
  • Total weight: 170 g
  • Payload: 300 g
  • Power supply: 7.6V
  • Operating temperature: 5–45 °C
  • Vacuum tube diameter: 20 mm
  • Picking distance from end effector base: 47 mm
  • Includes: 1 custom Niryo box
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