TurtleBot 3: Online Course to Learn ROS

TurtleBot 3: Online Course to Learn ROS

TurtleBot 3: Online Course to Learn ROS
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In this course produced by The Construct, you will learn how to work with the TurtleBot3 robot using its two versions, Burger and Waffle.


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Learning TurtleBot 3 and ROS

Thanks to our partnership with The Construct, we offer you the opportunity to learn to work with the TurtleBot 3 robot (versions Burger and Waffle).

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13 hours

20 exercises

Pictogramme Robot

1 x TurtleBot 3

What You Will Learn

  • Basic Usage and control of TurtleBot 3 robot
  • How to perform Navigation with TurtleBot 3
  • Follow a line with TurtleBot 3
  • Object Recognition with TurtleBot 3
  • Motion Planning in Moveit with TurtleBot 3

Course Summary

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Basic Usage
  • Follow a line
  • Blob Tracking
  • Object Recognition
  • Motion Planning with Moveit
  • Project Part 1
  • Project Part 2
  • Final Recommendations

How Does It Work?

If interested in this course, order online from the product page. After your purchase, you will receive a link to the platform where the course is located, as well as login credentials valid for 1 year, within 24 business hours. Licences are individual and it is not possible to connect simultaneously with other people.

About TurtleBot 3

TurtleBot 3 is a versatile mobile robot based on ROS, providing an accessible learning platform for robotics and artificial intelligence research, supported by an active community of developers and users. It is equipped with various sensors, including cameras, distance, infrared, etc., enabling it to perceive its environment and interact with it.

About The Construct

Recognized for its practical robotics and ROS courses, The Construct is an online learning platform that enables the development of robotics skills through a comprehensive curriculum. The Construct offers training, online courses, and customized courses.

The Construct's courses are tailored to a broad audience:

  • Robotics students seeking to acquire practical skills.
  • Robotics professionals looking to update their knowledge of ROS.
  • Technology and robotics enthusiasts eager to explore a fascinating field.
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