Boe-Bot CMUcam

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00611
End of life product
This CMUCAM has been designed specifically for the Boe-Bot programmable robot thus providing the robot simple vision capacity.

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The Boe-Bot CMUcam

Giving vision capability to your robot is a very valuable feature. This will increase the autonomy and the overall intelligence of your Boe-Bot mobile robot.

The CMUcam is primarily an open-source hardware project from the Carnegie Mellon University (hence the name) that gives robots simple and cheap vision and shape recognition capabilities . To learn more about CMUcam that exist for many robots, please visit the website

Boe-Bot CMUcam : features

This vision system has been specificaly designed for the Boe-Bot programmable robot. It connects to the robot using the serial connector that is provided. The Boe-Bot features are (non-exhaustive list):

  • Track user defined color blobs at 17 frames per second, find the centroid of the blob
  • Gather mean color and variance data Arbitrary image windowing
  • 80x143 resolution
  • Automatically detect a color and drive a servo to track an object
  • Slave parallel image processing mode off a single camera bus - advance function
  • Adjust the camera's image properties - advanced function Ability to control 1 servo or have 1 digital I/O pin - advanced function

The Boe - Bot CMUcam is provided with examples of code.

Warning : this version of the Boe - Bot CMUCam has not been designed to be connected to the PC directly like other CMUCAM.


See a demo video of the Boe - Bot CMUCam usage (click on the image) :

Boe-Bot CMUCam

THe Boe-Bot CMUCAM is ROHS compliant
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