e.DO robotic arm

e.DO robotic arm

e.DO robotic arm
Comau | A-000000-04344
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e.Do is an open-source and extremely versatile robot designed for research, higher education and industry that has an embedded Raspberry Pi and 6 motion units.


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e.DO: an open-source Raspberry Pi robot of impeccable design

Created for research, education and industry, e.DO is a robotic arm driven by Raspberry Pi. It boasts a meticulous design in reinforced plastic and fibreglass developed by Comau, a leader in industrial automation.

e.DO comes with 6 axes (3 big, 3 small). These multiple degrees of freedom allow a wide variety of movements, configurable at will thanks to its ROS pre-installed in an embedded microSD card. If you wish to enhance your e.DO experience, there is also a virtual development software you can download for free, as well as a comprehensive library of resources for developing your own programs.

You can equip it with any compatible accessory developed by its user (gripper, display, camera, etc.) to transform the robot into a fully customisable platform. And there is a vast community of amateur robotics engineers and developers just waiting to help you explore all your robot’s possibilities and enrich your adventure!

Uses for the e.DO robot

e.DO can be used in lots of different situations:

  • In industry, e.DO can be configured for simple automated operations;
  • Thanks to the Virtual e.DO tool, it is an ideal educational and research robot for developing robotics applications. Its open-source environment allows the creation of 3-D printed robotics accessories;
  • e.DO can be programmed on Blockly, and therefore used by pupils new to robotics in a workshop. Children can control it easily by sending their commands using a TCP/IP interface, via an external controller (tablet or computer);
  • It can also be used in public places as an assistance or demonstration robot.

Technical specifications of the e.DO robotic arm

  • 1 hexagon reinforced plastic/fibreglass base
  • 3 big motion units (max. speed: 38°/s; static torque: 17.9 Nm)
  • 3 small motion units (max. speed: 56°/s; static torque: 2.75 Nm)
  • 4 big plastic brackets and 2 small plastic brackets
  • 1 big bracket/small motion unit adapter
  • 1 big bracket/big bracket adapter
  • 1 base adapter
  • Cables
  • 1 universal power source with 12V adapter
  • 1 integrated Raspberry Pi motherboard (Raspbian Jessie 8.0)
  • 1 SD memory card with pre-installed ISO and e.DO control logic
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 1 get started manual

Resources for the e.DO robotic arm

Explore the infinite number of possibilities offered by the e.DO robot thanks to the links and resources that we’ve grouped below:

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