Custom Gripper Jaws Pack for Niryo Ned

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Niryo Ned robot arm: the right tool for entering the Industry 4.0 era

Ned, by Niryo, is a 6-axis robot arm designed for Industry 4.0 learning and research. It comes with various accessories, including a Vision Set with an on-board camera, and a conveyor belt for developing and prototyping applications for production lines.

Niryo Ned has an EasyConnect system that allows you to change tools as often as necessary... and a gripper with retractable fingers. You can also customise this gripper, supplied with your Niryo Ned. Simply remove the standard gripper jaws, then 3D print additional ones. And if you don’t have a 3D printer to hand, there’s this pack of custom gripper jaws!

Set of jaws for customising the gripper supplied with the Niryo Ned robot arm

3 types of jaws to personalise your robot gripper

This Niryo pack of custom gripper jaws contains 3 pairs of jaws in different shapes:

  • The flat jaws are ideal for picking up soft objects
  • The precision jaws are capable of grabbing small items
  • The XL jaws can handle large objects

Technical specifications of the Niryo Ned gripper jaws

Maximum operating width:

  • XL jaws: 73.92 mm
  • Flat jaws: 35.92 mm
  • Precision jaws: 21.57 mm

Picking distance from end effector base:

  • XL jaws: 85 mm
  • Flat jaws: 90 mm
  • Precision jaws: 85 mm


  • XL jaws: 107 g
  • Flat jaws: 123 g
  • Precision jaws: 101 g
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