Dynamixel Communication Bridge

Dynamixel Communication Bridge

Dynamixel Communication Bridge
Robotis | A-000000-05102
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The Dynamixel communication bridge is designed to convert the RS485 or TTL signals from your servo motors into a single signal for analysis on your computer.

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Why use a communication bridge for your Dynamixel actuators?

Robotis offers two main families of Dynamixel servo motors: those with TTL connection, and those with RS485 connection. When using the U2D2 interface, a Dynamixel accessory designed to communicate with your servo motors via a computer, both types of signal are processed separately. On the one hand, you get the indicators of your TTL servo, and on the other the indicators of your RS485 servo.

The communication bridge developed by Robotis provides you with an interface that allows you to process both types of signals in a single packet of information. The Dynamixel communication bridge is placed between your two servo motors. The signal format of the servo closest to the U2D2 will be retained. This allows you to synchronise your two servos perfectly.

Technical specifications of the Dynamixel Communication Bridge

  • Operating voltage: 3.5 to approx. 30 V
  • Current rating: 3 A
  • Baud rate: 6 Mbps max.
  • Bolts and nuts for mounting are not included

Resources for the Robotis communication bridge

Here you’ll find an online manual for your Dynamixel communication bridge, so that you can quickly get started with your servos.

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