GS-12 gyro ensor

GS-12 gyro ensor

GS-12 gyro ensor
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The GS-12 gyro sensors allows your Dynamixel or Bioloid mobile robots to kwnow their angular speeds on two axis.
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Using the GS-12 gyro sensor

The GS-12 gyro sensor allows you to knows the angular speed of you mobile robot, for example to calculate its orientation or to maintain its balance. It provides data on two perpendicular axis.

the SG-12 gyro sensor provides angular speed data to your bioloid or dynamixel mobile robots

The SG-12 gyro sensor has two 3 pins connectors, one for each axis. These connectors should be linked to a CM-510, CM-530 or CM-700 controller using the furnished 3pin-5pins cables.

Reading data from the GS-12 gyro sensor

brochage du capteur gyroscope GS-12 bioloid dynamixel robotis

The pins are arranged as follows :

  1. ADC : Outputs the angular speed on X axis
  2. GND : ground of X axis
  3. VCC : supply (5V) for the X axis
  4. VCC : supply (5V) for the Y axis
  5. GND : ground of Y axis
  6. ADC : Outputs the angular speed on Y axis

The ADC pins of teh GS-12 gyre sensor send values bound between 45 (-300°/s, maximum angular speed in one direction) and 455 (+300°/s, maximum angular speed in the opposite direction).

The value sent by the GS-12 gyre sensor when the robot is still is theoretically 250, but can slighly vary with temperature and input voltage. It is therefore advised to take a bunch of data when the robot is still, to average them and use the mean as the reference value. The following RoboPlus program does the work :

roboplus program to calibrate your GS-12 gyro sensor on your bioloid or dynamixel mobile robot

Specifications of the GS-12 gyro sensor

  • Weight: 2,8 g
  • Dimensions: 23mm x 23mm x 10 mm
  • Working temperature: -40° ~ +85°
  • Angular speed range: -300°/s ~ +300°/s
  • Supply voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V
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