Luxonis OAK-D CM4 Camera

Luxonis OAK-D CM4 Camera

Luxonis OAK-D CM4 Camera
Luxonis | A-000000-06396
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The OAK-D CM4 camera combines OAK-D with the Raspberry Pi CM4 module. It's a high-quality computer vision solution for real-time object recognition, motion and position tracking, mapping and 3D modeling, and industrial inspection applications.

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Luxonis OAK-D CM4 Camera Overview

The Luxonis OAK-D CM4 camera is a high-performance stereo camera designed for computer vision and real-time object recognition. It integrates a Raspberry Pi CM4, which acts as the host computer.


  • High image resolution for object recognition accuracy
  • Precise distance measurement for mapping and 3D modeling
  • Hardware acceleration of inference calculations for fast processing speed
  • USB3.0 interface for easy connection to a computer or Raspberry Pi
  • Rugged enclosure (PoE version) for indoor and outdoor use


  • Real-time computer vision
  • Object recognition
  • Motion and position tracking
  • Mapping and 3D modeling
  • Industrial inspection

Technical Specifications of the OAK-D CM4 Depth Camera

  • 4 TOPS of processing power (1.4 TOPS for RVC2 NN AI performance)
  • The Raspberry Pi CM4 acts as the host computer, which you can access via SSH/VNC. The CM4 connects to the OAK-SOM.
  • Run any AI model, even those that are custom/built-to-order (models need to be converted)
  • Encoding: H.264, H.265, MJPEG - 4K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS
  • Computer vision: deformation, resizing, cropping via ImageManip, edge detection, feature tracking. You can also run custom CV functions
  • Stereo depth perception with filtering, post-processing, RGB-depth alignment, and high configurability
  • Object tracking: 2D and 3D tracking with ObjectTracker
  • Pre-flashed with Raspberry Pi OS and Python DepthAI interface


  • CM4104032: 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, wifi
  • Dimensions: 110x60x27mm
  • Weight: 106g

Included in the pack

  • OAK-D CM4 Camera
  • Power supply with international adapters


  • CM4004032: 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, no wifi
  • IP67 enclosure
  • RJ45 connector for power and communication
  • Dimensions: 130x64x30mm
  • Weight: 318g

Included in the pack

OAK-D CM4 PoE Camera Ethernet cable, 2m Cable gland Cleaning cloth
Color Camera Stereo Pair
Sensor IMX378 OV9282
DFOV / HFOV / VFOV 81° / 69° / 55° 82° / 72° / 50°
Resolution 12MP (4032x3040) 1MP (1280x800)
Focus AF: 8cm - ∞ FF: 19.6cm - ∞
Maximum Frame Rate 60 frames per second 120 frames per second

OAK-D CM4 Depth Camera Resources

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