Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors

Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors

Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors
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More accurate, faster, easier to control and supporting RS-485 communication, these 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servos are both powerful and flexible.

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Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors: create your dream mobile robot

If you install these Dynamixel MX-64R servos on your mobile or articulated robot, it will perform better than ever, and you’ll give yourself a nice gift at the same time, with:

  • A new PID to control speed and position with a superb resolution;
  • A high strength aluminium case, both lightweight and highly effective against overheating;
  • A multi-drop RS-485 interface and protocol;
  • A higher transmission rate up to 4.5 Mbps!

These Robotis servos maintain the same dimensions as the RX-64 servo, so the hardware compatibility is excellent (frames, mounts, horn assemblies, etc).

Warning ! This box contains only 6 actuators without the traditional accessories: screws, frames and horns. Only bare actuators are supplied in the box.

Let’s get serious with the pack of 6 MX-64R servos

6 wheel robot, spider-like tripod, strong and precise articulated arm, humanoid robot... The Dynamixel MX-64R servos offer even more possibilities when used in group! The good news is that they are of course available in a variety of sizes and performance: it’s completely up to you depending on your project.

Technical specifications of the 6 902-0070-000 servos

  • Weight: 126g
  • Dimensions: 40.2 × 61.1 × 41 mm
  • Reduction ratio: 200: 1
  • Stall torque (N.m): 5.5 @ 10V; 6 @ 12V; 7.3 @ 14.8V
  • Stall current (A): 3.9 @ 10V; 4.1 @ 12V; 5.2 @ 14.8V
  • No-load speed (RPM ): 58 @ 10V; 63 @ 12V; 78 @ 14.8V
  • Maxon motor
  • Min. operating angle: ~0.088° x 4,096
  • Operating range:
  • Actuator mode: 360°
  • Follow-up mode:
  • Operating voltage: 10 to 14.8V (recommended: 12V)
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to 80°C
  • Control signal: digital packets
  • Communication protocol: RS-485 (asynchronous serial communication: 8 bit, 1 stop, no parity)
  • Connection: RS-485 multi-drop bus
  • 254 IDs (0–253)
  • Com speed: 8,000 bps ~ 4.5 Mbps
  • Feedback: position, temperature, load, input voltage, etc.
  • Engineering plastic body
  • Metal gears
  • Position sensor: AMS contact-less absolute encoder
  • Default position: ID#1 – 57,600 bps

Resources for the 6 MX-64R servos

Here are the updated useful links for the MX-64R!

    My Dynamixel servomotor is not detected, what can I do about it ?

    Check that your Dynamixel servomotor is correctly configured. Do not hesitate to re-flash it with the ROBOTIS Software Roboplus. After re-flash remember to re-configure it. If the issue is not solved, contact us for an advanced support.

    My motor works but it seems like there is an offset. Why ?

    The motor is probably not well mounted. Check that you correctly mounted the horns by respecting the mark.

    My Dynamixel servomotor seems blocked. I can't turn it even when it is not alimented.

    There is probably a mechanical issue with the Dynamixel servomotor. You can directly contact us to get more advance support.

    My Dynamixel servomotor is not working properly.

    Check your power supply and the system cabling (try with a different servomotor). You can also reset the servo. If nothing works, the best solution is to go through the Dynamixel servomotor checklist!

    What is the difference between Protocol 1.0 and Protocol 2.0?

    The 1.0 protocol is dedicated to the Dynamixel AX and MX series. Protocol 2.0 is for the X and Dynamixel Pro series. Protocol 2.0 control tables include PID controls which allow for more precise adjustment of the servo motor movements. Protocol 2.0 can be updated on MX series servo motors. You can refer to the protocol 1.0 and protocol 2.0 pages for more informations.

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