Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors
Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors
Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors

Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors

Robotis | A-000000-02761

More accurate, faster, easier to control and supporting RS-485 communication, these 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servos are both powerful and flexible.

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Pack of 6 Dynamixel MX-64R servo motors: create your dream mobile robot

If you install these Dynamixel MX-64R servos on your mobile or articulated robot, it will perform better than ever, and you’ll give yourself a nice gift at the same time, with:

  • A new PID to control speed and position with a superb resolution;
  • A high strength aluminium case, both lightweight and highly effective against overheating;
  • A multi-drop RS-485 interface and protocol;
  • A higher transmission rate up to 4.5 Mbps!

These Robotis servos maintain the same dimensions as the RX-64 servo, so the hardware compatibility is excellent (frames, mounts, horn assemblies, etc).

Warning ! This box contains only 6 actuators without the traditional accessories: screws, frames and horns. Only bare actuators are supplied in the box.

Let’s get serious with the pack of 6 MX-64R servos

6 wheel robot, spider-like tripod, strong and precise articulated arm, humanoid robot... The Dynamixel MX-64R servos offer even more possibilities when used in group! The good news is that they are of course available in a variety of sizes and performance: it’s completely up to you depending on your project.

Technical specifications of the 6 902-0070-000 servos

  • Weight: 126g
  • Dimensions: 40.2 × 61.1 × 41 mm
  • Reduction ratio: 200: 1
  • Stall torque (N.m): 5.5 @ 10V; 6 @ 12V; 7.3 @ 14.8V
  • Stall current (A): 3.9 @ 10V; 4.1 @ 12V; 5.2 @ 14.8V
  • No-load speed (RPM ): 58 @ 10V; 63 @ 12V; 78 @ 14.8V
  • Maxon motor
  • Min. operating angle: ~0.088° x 4,096
  • Operating range:
  • Actuator mode: 360°
  • Follow-up mode:
  • Operating voltage: 10 to 14.8V (recommended: 12V)
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to 80°C
  • Control signal: digital packets
  • Communication protocol: RS-485 (asynchronous serial communication: 8 bit, 1 stop, no parity)
  • Connection: RS-485 multi-drop bus
  • 254 IDs (0–253)
  • Com speed: 8,000 bps ~ 4.5 Mbps
  • Feedback: position, temperature, load, input voltage, etc.
  • Engineering plastic body
  • Metal gears
  • Position sensor: AMS contact-less absolute encoder
  • Default position: ID#1 – 57,600 bps

Resources for the 6 MX-64R servos

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