RFID tags and readers for robots

RFID or NFC is increasingly used in robotics. Do not miss this new trend and imagine advanced usage for your robots using these RFID readers and cards.

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A great little module for RFID fans, the RFID USB Reader will open up new possibilities for RFID-compatible scanners. Including the ability to download the information stored on an RFID card by USB!

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You’re going to need an RFID reader if you want to start working on non-contact ID projects, and the ID-20LA module by ID Innovations is an extremely simple one to use. Perfect for beginners!

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The MIFARE SM130 RFID Module by SparkFun is a 28-pin DIP module that provides easy access to the 13.56 MHz RFID technology on Arduino.

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With this RFID Evaluation Shield you can connect the SM130 RFID module to your Arduino without any painful welding. Things are always simpler with XBee!

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Ordered in packs, this White PVC RFID Tag can be customised to go with whatever you wish. Choose your own shape and design for a made-to-measure RFID tag!