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You do not know where to start? These pack of electronic components and sensors are good choices to add perception capabilities to your robot.

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The sensor pack 900 contains 9 common sensors to learn about sensor reading in electronics.

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Room for manoeuvre is important when working on prototyping and development projects. The Open Parts Library-Basic v2 provides a hundred or so different electronic components so you can create, adapt, and repair your creations to your heart’s content.

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The micro:bit Tinker Kit is a fun learning solution for those new to programming, to help them get their first sound, light and mobile projects off the ground.

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A Micro:bit programming board, that’s all very well, but an inventor kit with 12 new projects, that’s really better!

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The new Grove Starter Kit has arrived! For this new version of the Starter Kit Plus, Seeed Studio has introduced numerous improvements and updates that should be warmly welcomed by Grove aficionados and novices alike.

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The Grove Starter Kit for LinkIt ONE contains numerous Grove modules allowing you to quickly develop projects based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The GrovePi+ Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi will allow you to discover a few of the 100 sensors and other devices that can be connected to a Raspberry Pi board. The start of a great adventure!

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The BITalino (r)evolution Experimental eHealth Kit is a complete development kit for projects using eHealth data, including nerve, muscle and brain activity and heart rate.

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