Motion sensors

These sensors detect motion or gesture. This opens a lot of new ways to triggers autonomous behaviors for your robot. 

Active filters

This easily installed and simple to use Grove-compatible module uses a passive infrared sensor to detect movement.

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There are lots of projects that use motion detection, and the PIR sensor by Adafruit will allow you to carry them all out quickly, simply and with a minimum of clutter!

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The SparkFun OpenPIR is the Passive Infrared (PIR) open-source sensor of choice in proximity-sensing applications. It offers numerous possibilities in terms of settings for a highly customisable control.

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Benefit from even more accurate speech and motion recognition. Enjoy the multimedia functions of the Kinect XBOX One sensor: applications, entertainment, video...

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The SEN-12787 module by SparkFun combines 4 sensors, detecting gestures, colour, light and proximity, which you can control from your 3.3V microcontroller to design a project that responds to your every movement!