Flex Sensor 2.2”

Flex Sensor 2.2"

Flex Sensor 2.2”
SparkFun | A-000000-01435
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The Flex Sensor 2.2” was inspired by the Spectra Symbol technology, which also claims to be at the origin of Nintendo’s Power Glove – so you can see why such a sensor can be lot of fun!
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Flex Sensor 2.2”: ultra-simple to operate!

The principle behind the Flex Sensor 2.2” couldn’t be simpler. It comes in the form of a thin strip measuring 7.3 cm long and 6.3 mm wide. At rest, the applied resistance is 25 kΩ, but the more you bend the sensor the more the resistance increases, to reach a maximum level of 125 kΩ.


It has a supple jumper at one end with two male connectors that need to be soldered. You can measure the sensor’s degree of flexibility using an Arduino board.

Note: Make sure you only bend the Flex Sensor in its active length. Bending it too often at its base could damage the device.

Flex Sensor 2.2”: now over to you!

The SEN-10264 Flex Sensor will open the doors to a whole new world of objects requiring measurement of manual bending. With a little imagination, your can for example create your own “Power Glove”, i.e. a glove for controlling your video games! Or you can follow in the footsteps of the creator of “Modo”, an interactive musical instrument you play by bending your hands over similar sensors!

Technical specifications of the Flex Sensor 2.2”

  • Service life: > 1 million cycles
  • Total dimensions: 73.6 × 6.3 mm
  • “Active length”: 55.3 mm
  • Resistance in normal position (flat): 25 kΩ
  • Bend resistance: 45–125 kΩ
  • Tolerance: ±30%
  • Power rating: 0.5 W (1 W peak)
  • Operating temperature: -35 to 80 °C


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Technical data of the SEN10264 Sparkfun Flex Sensor

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