XBee WiFi Module with Wire Antenna

XBee WiFi Module with Wire Antenna

SparkFun | A-000000-02067

This WRL-12571 XBee WiFi Module with Wire Antenna strikes an ideal balance between the simple software and hardware associated with the XBee modules and the Digi WiFi communication technology.

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WiFi module for XBee: a successful partnership between XBee and Digi

At last, a secret weapon allowing developers to create their own electronics projects with built-in M2M and/or wireless communication.

This XBee WiFi Module is fully compatible with all XBee modules and includes various RF modules offering secure 802.11 b/g/n connectivity for all your projects on XBee. There are also AT and API commands offering advanced configuration options.

This means you can develop your WiFi project in record time, while also saving a maximum of energy and money!

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XBee 802.11 module: automatic connection to the Digi Device Cloud

The Digi Device Cloud is a programming platform created by Digi and its Eleftherios branch for rapidly equipping any module with a secure WiFi connection. It’s an open-source application you can download and use for free. The XBee 802.11 by Sparkfun module connects automatically to the Digi Device Cloud – all that remains is for you to develop the next revolutionary IoT or M2M technology!

Technical specifications of the WRL-12571 XBee WiFi Module

  • 3.3V @ 309 mA
  • Data transfer rate: 72 Mbps max. (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Integrated wire antenna
  • 4 x 12-bit ADC input pins
  • 10 digital I/O pins
  • AT or API command set


Resources for the XBee WiFi Module with Wire Antenna

Below you’ll find all the SparkFun and Digi information for the XBee WiFi Module with Wire Antenna:

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