Capteur de proximité et de mouvements ZX

ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor

Capteur de proximité et de mouvements ZX
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The ZX distance and gesture sensor is able to measure the position of your hand along 2 axis (horizontal and vertical). Low volume, it can fit into all your projects.

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ZX sensor: an infrared technology for detecting all your gestures

The ZX distance and gesture sensor works by bouncing beams of light from two infrared detectors to ascertain both the Z axis (distance up to 30 cm) and the X axis (proximity up to 15 cm) of an object. The embedded microcontroller interprets the collected data to deduce the gesture made in front of the sensor or the position of an object placed next to it.

Your project will always keep an eye on you!

This motion and distance sensor is the perfect choice for equipping a mobile robot with smart vision. You’ll be able to program it so that it follows the detected object or grabs it when it comes within its reach. Your android robot will definitely get a human dimension! With this sensor, a robotics vehicle can follow an object, and a surveillance robot can trigger a camera when it senses a presence.

Technical specifications of the ZX sensor

  • Operating voltage: 3.3–5V
  • Z-axis recognition range: about 30 cm
  • X-axis recognition range: about 15 cm
  • 4 supported gesture commands
  • I2C or UART communication
  • SMD components and compact design

Resources for the SEN-13162 motion sensor

Below we’ve grouped together various useful links for getting familiar with the ZX distance and gesture sensor.

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