RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2

RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2

Trossen Robotics | A-000000-04308

RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2 allows you to quickly connect a full range of sensors to your Arduino board, without getting tangled in cables!

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RobotGeek Sensor Shield: Simple as Arduino

Even a basic Arduino project can quickly become a nightmare when the connecting cables get tangled. This RobotGeek shield breaks out all the digital, analog, UART and I2C connections of your Arduino into easy to use 3-pin connectors that are compatible with many sensors, including 3-pin RobotGeek!

RobotGeek Sensor Shield Technical Specifications

  • 14 Digital I/O Channels
  • 6 Analog Input Channels
  • Power selector jumpers for PWM channels
  • UART and I2C 4-pin connectors
  • Compatible with a wide variety of sensors : RobotGeek, Phidgets, Grove, XBee, etc.
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