PhantomX AX (w/out servos)

PhantomX AX (w/out servos)

Trossen Robotics | A-000000-01048
A mobile hexapod robot kit based on the Dynamixel servos, usable indoor or outdoor. It will be the ideal platform to approach another aspect of the mobile robotics, different from the typical wheeled mobile robots. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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Size Chart

Hexapod robot kit PhantomX AX presentation

This hexapod robot kit PhantomX AX is ideal for those of you who would like to get started quickly and efficiently with their hexapod robot project :

It contains all needed features in order to approach confidently hexapod robotics and its technical constraints.

  • The necessary components for the mounting the robot
  • The Arduino-Compatible ArbotiX Robocontroller allows you to control your hexapod movements
  • The handheld ArbotiX Commander allows you to control your hexapod robot manually
  • 2x Xbee 1mw Modules, for wirelessly sending commands from your ArbotiX Commander to your hexapod robot
  • A LiPo battery (11.1v 3S 2200mAh) and its charger in order to feed your mobile robot

A good value for money, this hexapod has been planned for AX-12A and/or AX-18A Dynamixel actuators (not included). All you need are Dynamixel 18 AX-12A or AX-18A (indeed each leg has three degrees of freedom). In order to reduce costs, we recommend you to use 6 servomotors packs such as the 6 servomoteurs Dynamixel AX-12A pack (you need three in order to complete the hexapod).

Please note that in order to connect the AX-12A servo motors, you will need 1 pack of 10 Dynamixel cables 3 pins 100 mm and another pack of 10 Dynamixel cables 3 pins 180 mm.

Once assembled, your robot is capable of support a payload of 6 kgs, to reach speeds over 10 cm/sec thanks to the firmware and the Arduino code made available by the manufacturer.

The quality of the used structure items, in addition to the slots made available on it help you to attach efficiently the sensors and accessories of your choice (sensors are not included in this kit). A picture is worth thousand words so we invite you to have a look at the illustrated hexapod PhantomX AX robot mounting guide available on the manufacturer's site


The ArbotiX Robocontroller

The Arduino compatible ArbotiX robocontroller allows to those who are used to the Arduino environment to operate confidently on this unusual development platform and to benefit from a strong open-source community


The ArbotiX robocontroller will be the system controlling your robot. It embeds all the hardware needed for the communication between the Dynamixel servomotors and ATMEGA644PA microcontroller.

The handheld Arbotix Commander acts as a genuine joystick, will provide you with a first interface to control this robot. The available commands are, among others, the possibility to change the speed, change direction, change from seating to standing mode...


Le code source fourni, compatible Arduino, est facile d'accès et il est facile d'y effectuer vos modifications ou même de réécrire complètement le code de la marche de l'hexapode et ainsi d'améliorer diverses caractéristiques comme la vitesse, la démarche, la capacité de franchissement...

The source code made available, Arduino compatible, is easy to access and is easy to carry out modifications or completely rewrite the hexapod PhantomX AX robot walking code, and this way improve different features such as speed, gait, the overcoming capacity...

The video below is a presentation of the possible moves with such a robot simply by using the firmware provided by the manufacturer:

The advantage of such a robot compared to other mobile wheeled robot (in addition to his terrific look), is its capacit to operate in an obstructed environment and/or an outdoor or indoor environment. By its robustness and its versatility it will be an excellent way to grasp the technical constraints related to outdoor robotics.

Mobile Hexapod PhantomX AX robot resources

Arbotix quick start guide

Hexapod PhantomX AX robot user guide

Hexapod PhantomX AX robot user guide

Arduino libraries - ARBOTIX-M

Arduino libraries - ARBOTIX-M 

Phenix Code (source code for Hexapodes)

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