Servomoteur Dynamixel XM430-W210-T
Servomoteur Dynamixel XM430-W210-T

Dynamixel XM430-W210-T Servo

Robotis | A-000000-02763

Discover the Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servo, offering versatility, full control, a high transmission rate and a TTL interface.

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XM430-W210-T servo from Robotis: optimised at all levels

With its upgraded ergonomics to relief strain on the cables and avoid inserts, its streamlined energy consumption and its aluminium heat sink, the Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servo will delight robotics enthusiasts.

What’s more, you’ll have full control over speed, position, torque, trajectory, etc... PWM control included!

XM430-W210-T: a Dynamixel servo that’s ready for anything

Suitable for all sorts of creations fitted with complex joints (articulated hands, robotic insects, humanoid robots, etc.), the XM430-W210-T servo offers various mounting options, being compatible with a great many assembly parts and many connection configurations.

This versatile, lightweight and energy-efficient servo is the perfect choice for your most elaborate robots!

Dynamixel XM430-W210-T actuator

Technical specifications of the 902-0125-000 actuator

  • Included with the Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servo:
    • 1x HN12-N101 horn assembly
    • 1x Teflon washer (for horn assembly)
    • 1x 180 mm X4P cable
    • 1x 180 mm X3P cable (convertible)
    • 16x Wrench Bolt M2.5*4 screw
    • 1x Wrench Bolt M2.5*6 screw
    • 10x Wrench Bolt M2*3 screw
    • 8x spacer ring
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 82g
    • Dimensions: 28.5 × 46.5 × 34 mm
    • Reduction ratio: 212.6: 1
    • Starting torque (N.m): 2.7 @ 11.1V; 3 @ 12V; 3.7 @ 14.8V
    • Starting current (A): 2.1 @ 11.1V; 2.3 @ 12V; 2.7 @ 14.8V
    • No-load speed (RPM): 70 @ 11.1V; 77 @ 12V; 95 @ 14.8V
    • ST CORTEX-M3 processor (STM32F103C8 @ 72 MHz, 32 bit)
    • Absolute contactless encoder (12 bit, 360°)
    • Coreless motor
    • Resolution: 0.088° x 4,096
    • Operating range:
    • In position control mode: 360°
    • In speed control mode: endless rotation
    • Input voltage: 10~14.8V (recommended: 12V)
    • Operating temperature: -5 to 80°C
    • Control signal: digital packets
    • Protocol: half-duplex asynchronous serial communication (8 bit, 1 stop, no parity)
    • Physical connection: TTL multi-drop bus
    • Addresses: 253 IDs (0~252)
    • Transmission rate: 9,600 bps~4.5 Mbps
    • Feedback: position, velocity, current, real-time tick, trajectory, temperature, input voltage, etc.
    • Case in metal and engineering plastic
    • Metal gears
    • Standby current: 40 mA
How to choose the right Dynamixel servomotor?

Resources for the Dynamixel 902-0125-000 actuator

As usual, we’ve compiled for you all the information you need to know about the Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servo:


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