Servomoteur Dynamixel XH540-W150-R
Servomoteur Dynamixel XH540-W150-R
Servomoteur Dynamixel XH540-W150-R

Dynamixel XH540-W150-R Servo Motor

Robotis | A-000000-04190

The Dynamixel XH540-W150-R Servo Motor opens up a whole range of new and interesting possibilities for robotics enthusiasts interested in a 100% programmable, energy-efficient servo with a motor of a higher quality than that in the XM series.

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Size Chart

Dynamixel XH540-W150-R Servo Motor: a high-quality 12V motor

Like all the Robotis XH series servos, the XH540-W150-R model includes a high-quality Maxon motor, which is more hard-wearing and reliable than the equipment installed on the XM series. The Dynamixel XH540-W150-R Servo Motor offers not only an RS-485 connection but also speed, position and PWM control, with a gear ratio of approximately 150:1.

It has a gold-plated JST connector, which is of a higher quality than the Molex connectors used in the previous series. And its precious metal and engineering plastic casing delivers effective protection and satisfactory heat dissipation.

Dynamixel XH servos: an all-in-one Dynamixel

These Robotis Dynamixel servos combine a controller, motor, reduction gearbox, incremental encoder and magnetic encoder in a single component. Its all-in-one system allows you to assemble the servo on your robot without adding other modules. All you’ll need is a power supply and a communication module. It comes with its own JST-Molex cable allowing you to connect your servo to a compatible controller or U2D2 Dynamixel module.

With the Dynamixel XH series, you can connect multiple servos in a chain for a much cleaner assembly. The 6-port RX/EX Power Hub allows you to power up to 6 servo chains in parallel. Plus, it is a servo that offers numerous assembly configurations, including 3 different wiring arrangements.

How to position the cables of the Dynamixel X series servomotors

Technical specifications of the Robotis XH540-W150-R Servo

  • Cortex M3 microcontroller (72 MHz, 32 bits)
  • Input voltage: 10 -14.8V (recommended: 12V)
  • Performance characteristics
    • Voltage rating: 12V
    • Starting torque: 7.1 Nm
    • Starting current: 4.9A
    • No-load speed: 70 rpm
    • No-load current: 0.07A
  • Resolution: 0,0879° x 4,096
  • Angle: 360°
  • Reduction ratio: 152.3:1
  • Position sensor: absolute contactless encoder (12 bits, 360°)
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 80°C
  • Coreless Maxon motor
  • Baud rate: 9,600–4,500,000 bps
  • PID control algorithm
  • Gear type: straight spur
  • Gear material: precious metal
  • Case material: precious metal and engineering plastic
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 58.5 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 165 g
  • Control signal: digital packets
  • Protocol: half-duplex asynchronous serial communication (8 bits, 1 stop, no parity)
  • Connection: RS485 multi-drop bus
  • IDs: 0~252
  • Feedback: position, velocity, current, realtime tick, trajectory, temperature, voltage, external port, etc.
    • Protocol version: 1.0, 2.0 (default)
    • Operating mode/angle:
    • Position control mode: endless turn
    • Velocity control mode: endless rotation
    • Position control mode: 360°
    • Extended position control mode: +/- 256 revolutions
    • Current-based position control mode: +/- 256 revolutions
    • PWM control mode: endless turn
  • Standby current: 40 mA

Resources for the Robotis Dynamixel XH540-W150-R Servo

Don’t wait a moment longer to check out the free online resources for your Dynamixel XH540-W150-R servo.

Data sheet

Tension de fonctionnement [V]
10 - 14.8 V
Couple de décrochage [N-m]
7 - 8.9
Courant de décrochage [A]
Vitesse à vide [rpm]
70 - 79
Protocole de communication


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