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TeraRanger Hub

TeraRanger Hub
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Multiplying loaves and fishes is so has-been. With the TeraRanger Hub, you can now multiply your ToF distance sensors, which is much more practical.

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TeraRanger Hub: synchronise 8 TeraRanger One distance sensors

The TeraRanger Hub by Terabee is a practical means of instantly connecting up to eight TeraRanger One ToF distance sensors simultaneously, and equipping your mobile robot or drone with a multi-directional obstacle detection system.

The data from each sensor are synchronised and communicated via a UART or USB interface. Like all the members of the TeraRanger family, this hub is a plug-and-play device – simply connect the various elements and you’re up and running.


Technical specifications of the TeraRanger Hub


Connecting the hub to your computer with the micro USB cable gives you access to a free, downloadable user interface allowing you to visualise the various data collected by the sensors in the form of a graph.

8 Terabee distance sensors... or more

Need more than eight ToF sensors? Terabee has come up with a simple solution – these TeraRanger hubs are stackable, meaning you can synchronise 16, 24, 32 or even more sensors.


Learn more about the TeraRanger Tower 8 in this video presentation

Technical specifications of the Terabee connection hub

  • 2 mounting holes for M2.5 screws
  • Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 14 mm (with the case)
  • Weight: 15 g without the case, 25 g with the case
  • Supply voltage: 12 Vdc recommended, 10–20 Vdc accepted
  • Supply current: 25 mA (plus the consumption of each TeraRanger sensor) @ 12V in a standard environment
  • Interfaces:
  • Eight ports to connect TeraRanger One sensors
  • Interface: UART, + 3.3V, 115200,8,N,1; connector: 4-pin Molex Picoblade
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • Expansion: CAN bus, +5V; connector: 4-pin Molex Picoblade (firmware under development)
  • Included with the hub:
  • Storage case (the hub can be used in its case)
  • 1 cable to connect 1 TeraRanger One to the TeraRanger Hub (22 cm)
  • Power cable with open ends (10 cm)
  • micro USB cable (50 cm)


Applications of the Teraranger Hub

Resources for the TeraRanger connection hub

You’ll find everything of interest concerning the TeraRanger Hub right here – don’t leave without taking a look!

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