TF02 Micro LiDAR Range Finder

TF02 Micro LiDAR Range Finder

TF02 Micro LiDAR Range Finder
Benewake | A-000000-03091
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Offering long range and high resistance, the TF02 micro LiDAR range finder from Benewake can equip all your robots and drones, even the most compact ones.

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Benewake micro LiDAR: efficient in all aspects

The TF02 mini range finder is the next generation of the TF01. With distances measured to the nearest centimetre at a speed of 100 measurements per second, it offers a range of 22 m indoors and 10 m outdoors. Thanks to its improved algorithm, it adapts to all terrain: it can detect relief modifications accurately and measure its distance to obstacles, even on the move.

Better still, the Benewake TF02 mini range finder features a robust and durable enclosure which protects it from shock, water, and corrosion. It is also immune to pesticides. Its optical system is highly accurate outdoors. It can work under 100K lux light without interference from electronics and airflow whilst preserving the quality of the measured data.

A mini LiDAR you can integrate into all systems

This LiDAR from Benewake also stands out for its light weight and ultra-compact design. Weighing 52 g and measuring 6.2 cm long, this distance measuring instrument can equip any drone or mobile platform. You can easily mount Lidars on a drone without interfering with propeller operation.

Whatever the applications of your range finder, you’ll benefit from an easier communication between the TF02 and your computer. An optimised program allows you to read the collected data and to configure the transmission rate. Plus, the new bootloader of the TF02 mini range finder makes it easy to keep the device’s firmware up to date.

Technical specifications of the Benewake TF02 micro LiDAR

  • Dimensions: 62 x 39 x 26 mm
  • Operating distance: 0.4–22 m indoors, 0.4–10 m outdoors
  • Measuring speed: 100 Hz
  • Accurate to within one cm
  • Weight: 52 g
  • Angle of view: 3°
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Peak current: 1A
  • Power: ≤ 1W
  • Communication protocol: UART/CAN
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60°C
  • Complies with the EN62471 photobiological standard
Data sheet
Supply voltage
5 Vdc
Scanning frequency
100-1800 Hz
Aperture angle
Scanning range
20-25 m
Laser beams
Specific References
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