NeveRest 40 Gear Motor with 40:1 reduction and encoder

NeveRest 40 Gear Motor with 40:1 reduction and encoder

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The NeveRest 40 is a gear motor that has a Hall effect encoder with a reduction ratio of 40:1. It is particularly suitable for robotics creations designed for the FTC Game.

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Size Chart

NeveRest 40 Gear Motor with 40:1 reduction and encoder: rise to the challenge

NeveRest motors are some of the most commonly used in the FIRST Tech Challenge Game, because their geometry conforms to the competition’s rules with a 6 mm diameter output shaft (and a 37 mm diameter gearbox housing). Its steel and plastic design makes it a high-strength motor.

Technical specifications of the NeveRest 40 Gear Motor

  • Gearbox reduction: 40:1
  • No-load free speed at gearbox output shaft: 160 rpm (motor only: 6,600 rpm)
  • Gearbox output power: 14W
  • Encoder:
    • Cycles per revolution (motor shaft): 7
    • Cycles per revolution (output shaft): 280
    • Countable events per revolution (motor shaft): 28
    • Countable events per revolution (output shaft): 1,120
  • Nominal voltage: 12V
  • Stall current: 11.5A
  • Gearbox type: spur
  • Motor type: brushed DC
  • Output shaft diameter: 6 mm (0.5 mm deep flat)
  • D output shaft
  • Output shaft support: bushing
  • 49.53 mm 18 AWG wire
  • Mounting holes: 6 x M3 tapped holes on a 31 mm bolt circle
  • Maximum thread depth: 3.5 mm (do not exceed this depth as this may damage the plate and cause the motor to stop)
  • Electrical connection: 1 x 6-pin connector for motor power and encoder contact
  • Steel body, plastic encoder housing
  • Lubrication included with the gearbox
  • Shaft hardness: 45-50 Rockwell C
  • Overall length: 133.5 mm
  • Max. diameter: 37 mm
  • Weight: 344 g

Resources for the NeveRest 40

Master the basics thanks to these NeveRest 40 resources, which we’ve assembled especially for you!

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