Moteur 20D mm à engrenage métallique Pololu

20D mm Pololu Metal Gearmotors

Moteur 20D mm à engrenage métallique Pololu
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Choose from a range of DC motors suitable for medium-sized projects. With a diameter of 20 mm, they are equipped with a 4 mm diameter and 18 mm long D-axis.

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Pololu offers here a family of DC motors, classified according to three criteria :

  • the reduction ratio, which ranges from 25:1 to 488:1
  • the type of brushes : carbon brushes, available in 6V and 12V, and precious metal brushes in 6V
  • the presence or not of an extension, at the rear of the motor

Regardless of the type of brushes chosen, the three variants of the same motor will have identical performances, at thei normal voltage - the 12V motor consuming about half as much power as its 6V version. Carbon brushes also ensure an improved longevity compared to precious metals, hence a slightly higher cost.

If you wish to equip your motor with an encoder, you will have to choose the version with rear axle extension (dual shaft).

If you don’t know how to shape your next robot yet, you can check our chassis selection on this page.

The chart below will allow you to identify the engine that best corresponds to your project :

Tableau comparatif moteur 20D Single et Double shaft

Dimensions :

  • motor diameter : 20 mm
  • motor length : de 62.7 à 67.2 mm, selon le rapport de réduction
  • front axle diameter : 4 mm (D shape)
  • front axle length : 18 mm (including a 3 mm long ring at the base)
  • rear axle dimensions (optional) : 6 mm long x 2 mm diameter
  • weight : 43 g

Note : In order to preserve the motor and ensure optimum longevity, it is recommended not to subject it to a voltage or a load exceeding its rated characteristics.

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