Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo with Position Feedback

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-04745
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This Parallax continuous rotation servo motor is the servo used to equip ActivityBot, Parallax’s mobile educational robot.

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Parallax continuous rotation servo: 4 devices in 1

This small servo weighing just 40 g is four devices in one:

  • A high-speed servo motor: 120 rpm @ 6V
  • A servo with feedback control
  • A continuous rotation servo
  • An encoder

All combined in a lightweight and energy-efficient format, consuming approximately 0.15A in normal no-load operation.

Parallax servo: PWM and Hall effect for better feedback

Feedback control is based on two types of signal:

  • A 50 Hz PWM signal
  • A feedback signal from a Hall effect sensor for digital angular position feedback

This twofold control signal makes it easier to maintain a steady speed in continuous rotation, and to reach and hold a given angle while enjoying a great range of motion. It is therefore an ideal servo for equipping a small mobile robot.

Technical specifications of the 900-00360 servo motor

  • Rotation speed: +/-120 rpm with feedback control, max. 140 rpm (+/-10) @ 6V, no load
  • Polyacetal (POM) gears
  • Nylon and fiberglass case
  • 25 teeth, 5.96 mm
  • Peak stall torque @ 6V: 2.2 kg-cm
  • Voltage requirements: 6 Vdc typical, 5-8.4 Vdc max. range
  • Ideal voltage range: 5.8-8V (to maintain continuous rotation speed control)
  • Current requirements: 15 mA (+/-10) idle, 150 mA (+/-40) no-load, 1200 mA stalled
  • Control signal: PWM, 3-5V 50 Hz, 1280-1720 µs
  • Control signal zero-speed deadband: 1480-1520 µs (+/-10)
  • Feedback sensor: Hall effect
  • Feedback signal: PWM, 3.3V, 910 Hz, 2.7-97.1 % duty cycle
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Cable length: 250 mm
  • Dimensions: 50.4 x 37.2 x 20 mm
  • Mounting hole spacing: 10 x 49.5 mm on centre
  • Operating temperature range: -15 to 70 °C

Resources for the Parallax Feedback 360° Servo

3D printing, programming, assembly, etc., everything you need for your Parallax continuous rotation servo with position feedback!

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